Teenagers in the Zoo

Language: Dutch

English Title: Get young teenagers to the zoo.

Dutch Titel: Krijg tieners naar de zoo.

Description: For school we had to create a concept (with printed visuals) that would get more children motivated to come to the zoo.
Especially teenagers are getting less interested in going to the zoo and most of the time see it as educational recreation.
Because of that, teens are seeing it as kind of boring.
To change that I created a concept that would combine the zoo with a fun and young festival atmosphere.
Teens are mostly an age group that are vastly bored because they are the in-betweens.
They still have to listen to their parents and teachers, and therefor can’t go shopping or partying whenever they want to.
At the other hand they do feel like they should have that freedom and get bored very easily.
The things they like, but in a fun and educational environment, will create that feeling of freedom and keeps the parents happy at the same time.

In the zoo of Amsterdam, Artis, will be a small festival place, where the children can shop, snack, dance, listen to music and do lots of other fun stuff.
It’s exclusive for teenagers with a special ticket, so no parents, teachers and little brothers and sisters can spoil the fun.
They will have all the freedom to do the thing they like with their friends, right in the middle of some of the most exiting animals on the world.
They also can go with a special teenagers tour when they show their entree-ticket.
Hidden in the tour are lots of educational facts about the animals, and the drive behind the tour will be a photo contest.
Whoever makes the best picture of an animal, related to one of the facts they have learned in the tour, will win a cool prize.
Like shopping money, a free zoo ticket for the whole year and a new portable music player (read iPod maybe?).

The combination of fun, freedom and an exiting way of learning will get teenagers to the zoo.
These are some of the printed visuals I came up with to support the concept.

Client: Hogeschool Utrecht, Artis

Date: 2009


Promotion poster


Flyer, front and inside


Flyer, back and outside


Admission card, front


Admission card, back