Graduation Project

This project is completed in dutch, because it’s about the dutch society.
However, the subject and problem are the same all over the world, so the concept I thought of could be transformed to suit other countries.

Dutch title: Kinderen en online privacy: Zien en gezien worden op sociale media, een kwestie van keuze.

Englisch title: Children and online privacy: To see and to be seen on social media, a matter of choice.

Description (in short): To graduate from university I had to make a paper and concept for a product.
I could think of everything I was interested in and then translate the subject or problem and make it about Communication & Media Design.
My subject was children and online privacy.
I researched how we could address the problem that children have to be responsible much quicker if they want to safely participate online.
My solution is a product that helps young children recognize the problems they could face online quicker and learn to respond on their own well thought trough terms.
They learn to take responsibility for there actions and become more independent and conscious about their upbringing and their own values.
Because our lives today are also online, and with the storm of portable digital devices that help us go online, children will not always be near their caretakers to ask what to do.
They will have to do it more independently. That’s why I thought of this concept.

Date: Feb – Juli 2013
Client: Hogeschool Utrecht, Mijn Kind Online


Product film from Debbie Ahuis on Vimeo.


Some screenshots: