I am an independent multi- & crossmedia designer.
What I do varies between concept, content & visual design.
I advise in the use of media and create concepts, but I’m also not scared to take matters into my own hands and create the content and do the visual design myself.

For some projects, that means I am my own crew most of the time!

The role I presume when working on my own projects, varies greatly, because I do a lot of work as a one-man crew.
In those cases I could be called anything and everything! 
And that’s just what I want, because it enables me to do many different and interesting projects and grow from the different experiences as a designer or adviser.

I like to take on roles as: art director, concept writer, illustrator, graphic designer, story and content writer, film maker, animator, editor and sometimes even programmer.
Some projects are to big for my one-man crew though. So sometimes, I ask the help of other designers that have more expertise at particular fields. As much as I like doing everything myself, I also see the value of a team. Sometimes it’s better for the end result to share the work, and share a bit of the responsibility you feel.

But in most of my own work here on this site I am the director of every aspect, what helped me grow as a designer.




My education history:

School: University of Applied Sciences Utrecht (HU)
Study Programme: HBO, Communication & Media Design (CMD)
Graduated: Yes, diploma Bachelor of Communication
Period: Sep 2009 – June 2013

School: Horizon College
Study Programme: Senior general secondary education, HAVO, additional Certificates:
Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Mathematics B1 & 2
Graduated: Yes, HAVO Certificates
Period: Aug 2008 – June 2009

School: University of Applied Sciences InHolland
Study Programme: HBO, Pedagogics
Graduated: No, quit because of interest in other Study Programme
Period: Feb 2008 – July 2008

School: University of Applied Sciences Amsterdam, Amsterdam Fashion Institute (AMFI)
Study Programme: HBO, Fashion & Branding
Graduated: No, quit because of interest in other Study Programme
Period: Sep 2007 – Feb 2008

School: Kennemer College
Study Programme: Senior general secondary education, HAVO, Profile:
Economics en Society (in addition to profile: Management & Organization, Music CKV3)
Graduated: Yes, Senior general secondary education diploma (High school diploma)
Period: Aug 2003 – June 2007


My work experience:

Freelance assignments (with registered business-name: Dieuwertje Deborah)
Job description: webdesign, illustration, graphic design and film making
Tasks: art direction, programming, editing, filming, concept & visual designing

Graduation project (CMD)
(with counseling of Mijn Kind Online)
Job description: independent project managing, producing and realizing a concept
and conducting primary and secondary research
Tasks: art directing, writing, documenting, editing and content, visual & concept designing

Internship SimpelMedia
Job description: visualizing and shaping concepts
Tasks: visual & concept designing

Board member study association MAD
(For study programme Communication & Media Design, University of Applied Sciences Utrecht)
Job description: establishing the study association and managing the PR commission en communication
Tasks: managing, concept designing, art directing

Publicity agency Yiquine B.V. (Spijkenisse)
Job description: graphic design, programming
Tasks: visual & concept designing



(Birth language)
Speech and understanding: excellent
Reading: excellent
Writing: excellent

(Second language)
Speech and understanding: very good
Reading: very good
Writing: very good

French & German
(basics from education)
Speech and understanding: moderate
Reading: moderate
Writing: moderate